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Mediunion has over 20 years of experience providing high-quality surgical tapes according to your production capacity needs. We are professional in producing complete options tested by our international and long-time customers.

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    Mediunion Is Your Professional Partner For Your Surgical Tape Needs

    Mediunion has been an experienced partner for many years in this industry. Mediunion provides surgical tapes with complete selections and ideas for you to choose easier. We listed different ideas that will help you find suitable surgical tapes.

    We also offer customizations and follow your designs and ideal material. We can deliver your surgical tapes to your location faster and safe. We can reach over 100 countries and provide excellent shipping arrangements. Message us!

    Our Surgical Tape Product All Types of High-Quality Surgical Tape with Full Set of Certifications.

    Adhesive Glue Surgical Tape

    Adhesive glue surgical tapes are used to pull the skin together. It is used to close the wounds and lessen the scar. This is sticky tape but easier to remove.

    Clear Surgical Tape

    Clear surgical tape is one of the popular types to attach a pad on sin. It has incredible flexibility and water resistance for fast healing.

    Cloth Surgical Tape

    Cloth surgical tapes are easier to remove. It has a smooth stick on the skin featuring heat resistance. It guaranteed lower prices.

    Disposable Elastic Surgical Tape

    Mediunion surgical tapes are disposable and elastic. It helps wounds prevent infections that cover skin well. It is of perfect quality and tested performance.

    Foam Dressing Surgical Tape

    Mediunion foam dressing surgical tapes are comfortable to use and suitable for any type of skin. It sure pads or gauze from any movement.

    Hydrocolloid Dressing Surgical Tape

    It is a pad tape style which directly use to cover wounds. This is a medical-grade adhesive that provide quality care. It has a gel-like conformable surgical tape.

    Mediunion – Expert Surgical Tape Manufacturer

    • Convenient facilities and complete production equipment
    • Professional team with 1,300 trained workers
    • Convenient factory location
    • Amazing language assistance
    • Strict quality control and inspection companies
    Surgical tape

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

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    Mediunion – Your #1 SurgicalTape Manufacturer in China

    Medical adhesive tape, also known as surgical tape, is used to secure bandages, gauze, and other antiseptics to the skin surrounding lacerations. Most surgical tapes are touch-sensitive tapes, which means they attach and remain stable with gentle pressure. It is made from a variety of materials, but the majority of them are absorbent for flexibility and convenience application.

    Mediunion is manufacturing different types of surgical tapes that are used for various purposes in the medical field. Some are made of ductile materials, such as fabric, while others are more stretched, allowing for greater flexibility.

    Micropore Surgical Paper Tape is often used to protect bandages and dressings to the body without dropping an adhesive residue. Zinc Oxide Surgical Tape that aids in wound protection, boosting recovery, and sustaining injuries. Waterproof Surgical Tape that only functions when utilized to dry skin or when the tape is dry, to begin with. We ensure to provide complete selections to meet your business’s special demands.

    We are producing surgical tapes that can be used to keep a gauze or other healthcare dressing in place on a wound. Because of their medicinal uses, these surgical tape sources have a skin-friendly adhesive that precludes any deleterious skin reactions.

    The surgical tape is intended to strongly hold dressing supplies and other tapes to the skin while allowing for pain-free removal. We manufacture using high-tech machines and other production equipment to ensure its quality performance. We produce surgical tapes which passed the high standards of FDA, CE, and SGS.

    Our excellent team is dedicated in creating the entire globe a secure and healthy place by delivering reliable and dependable security. We only offer specially picked products that use excellent materials and manufacturing procedures to provide dependable security. Here are some of the advantages of our surgical tapes:

    • Skin-friendly formula
    • For delicate service users, this product is latex-free and skin-friendly
    • Skin integrity is maintained by being extremely breathable
    • For secure placement, it adheres well to moisten skin
    • It is water-resistant
    • It is resistant to moisture for the safety of band-aids and dressings
    • Suitable for securing wound dressing in areas that require resistance properties
    • For additional safety and resistance to water
    • Manufactured to keep dust and moisture at bay

    IN more than 20 years in this industry, we have great ability to support our customers expandable business. we are tested by our international customers from different locations of more than 100 countries.

    we are happy to see your growing business. It’s our pleasure to help you save your money and effort while enjoying running a business. Make your dreams come true and expand your business more than you expected.

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