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Zhejiang Mediunion Healthcare Group Co., Ltd is a famous, reputable, and professional manufacturer and supplier of medical and healthcare products. It is a branch of Evergrand Healthcare Group, which focuses on manufacturing, domestic sales, investment, nursing home investment, dental clinic investment, and specialist hospital investment.

Evergrand Healthcare Group was established in 1997 from a dressing factory in Ningbo, which focuses on producing gauze swabs, nonwoven swabs, gauze rolls, and laparotomy sponges in Ningbo, which focuses on producing gauze swab, nonwoven swab, gauze rolls, and laparotomy sponges. Our factory was one of the first dressing producers in China as well as one of the earliest hospital and healthcare products suppliers in China.

With professional service, good quality, and on-time delivery from our factory,  our factory won a lot of trust and confidence from our customers that are in the medical and hygienic field. In order to meet our customers’ demands on other medical and healthcare items, the factory established a trading company to supply different items in the year 2005.

In the year 2007,  the company opened a new factory in Kunshan that producing plastic medical, dressing packs, and incontinence-care products.

In the year 2008,  the company won AAA reputation from the local government and became the supplier to World Red Cross Organization.

In the year 2009,  the company set up a joint venture in Zhangjiagang to produce the drapes and surgical packs.

In the year of 2012, the company set up a facility in Tonglu that produces the dental products and paper products.

In the year 2014, the company established a nonwoven factory in Xiantao that produces the PPE items.

In the year 2019, the company established a raw material facility in Xiantao that produces the raw material.

In the year 2020, the company set up a facility in Hunan to produce nonwoven products.

Up to now, The Group, has seven manufacturing facilities that are located in Ningbo, Kunshan, Zhangjiagang, Changzhou, and Hubei and more than 600 partners, producing different products and components as per our request.

Our customer almost could get all different items from our company as one-stop service to save cost, time and energy, and the most important thing is that the quality is always guaranteed. We are now characterized by making high-quality products at a competitive cost, outsourcing assistance, quality control and inspection service, warehouse supply, goods consolidation service, shipping arrangement, product arrangement, components supply, and language assistance.

  • Workshop of Disposable Coveralls
  • Workshop of Disposable Coveralls
  • Workshop of Disposable Coveralls

Advanced Flow Line System

We have our own clothes-taking system, using which we can maintain cleanliness and hygiene as well as multiply the efficiency and increase the productivity. Our packaging plant is very clean to ensure that the protective coverall, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, and other medical products meet our customers’ standards.

Any Kinds Medical Disposable and Personal Protective Equipment to Support Your Project

Whether you need body protection products, hand protection products, face protection products, or any other types of PPE items, Mediunion can always satisfy your needs.

All our personal protective equipment can meet all the requirements and standards. Just send us your project detail and we will give you the best solution.

  • Personal Protection Equipment Collection
  • Certified Medical disposable products Manufacturer

We Have Full Set of Certifications.

All the Medical Disposable Products and PPE Products are Qualified with Full Set of Certifications.

You can choose different material and pattern from our existing options, and we can also custom your own items based on your own requirements. Just tell us your detailed needs for your projects.

  • 25    Years of Experience
  • 7       Manufacturing Facilities
  • 120  Countries
  • 24    Hours Service

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