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Mediunion is a reliable lab coat exporter and manufacturer in China. As an experienced manufacturer, we offer a wide range of healthcare PPE. Our products can meet different medical industries’ standards.

  • 20 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  • Convenient Manufacturing Workshop
  • Meet ISO, CE, and FDA Standards
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    Mediunion as Your No.1 Lab Coat Manufacturer

    Mediunion is the no.1 manufacturer for all kinds of medical protective equipment. We fucoses on supplying and producing medical suppliers such as laboratory coats. We continue developing our manufacturing ability to maintain our best reputation.

    We always prioritize our customer’s requirements and inquiries. Here at Mediunion, you can get excellent services and world-class products. We are working with a secured and clean environment to produce 100% safe laboratory coat products.

    Choose Mediunion to get extraordinary lab coats!


    Our Lab Coat Product All Types of High-Quality Lab Coat with Full Set of Certifications.

    Disposable Laboratory Coat

    A disposable laboratory coat comes in different colors: white, light blue, dark blue, and more. It has soft, lightweight, and odorless characteristics.

    Anti-Static Lab Coat

    It is utilized to protect workers from the damage of electrostatic charge. The anti-static lab coat can effectively prevent electrostatic generation and is easy to wear.

    Lab Coat for Women

    This kind of lab coat is highly made from medical fabrics. It features a long sleeve and a nice collar. Available in different sizes, colors, and styles.

    Unisex Laboratory Coats

    It is an eco-friendly and comfortable coat. The unisex laboratory coat is great for any medical industry. They can be customized in different measurements and designs.

    Medical Lab Coats

    Medical lab coats feature five buttons and a slide vent opening. This coat is very easy and comfortable to wear. It is best for any healthcare and hospital.

    Lab Doctor's Coats

    The lab doctor’s coat is available in small, medium, and large sizes. This coat has a professional and elegant look. It can be washed by hand and machines.

    Mediunion – Your Leading Lab Coat Supplier

    • Fast and safe delivery
    • Export lab coats worldwide
    • Conducts strict quality control
    • Clean and safe manufacturing workshop
    • Meets various medical certifications
    • Offer affordable and competitive lab coat rates.
    Personal Protective Equipment

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

    Mediunion MEDICA-2022 for disposable medical suppliesMedica -trade show of medical protective disposableMedica Exhibition of Medical Consumables

    Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket




    Mediunion Office Disposable coverall Production Line 2 Disposable coverall Production Line 1Clean workshop Cleanroom Surgical gown Production Line

    Mediunion – Your Expert Lab Coat Manufacturer in China

    If you need superior medical products, especially lab coats, Mediunion is the perfect place for you. We offer world-class healthcare and medical products at a friendly price. Here at Mediunion, you can encounter satisfying and perfect products!

    Mediunion lab coats are extremely durable and comfortable to wear. They are made and fabricated from high-class materials ensuring a long lifespan. Moreover, Mediunion laboratory coats are available in different measurements, colors, and styles. 

    Different Colors of Lab Coat

    • White
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Black
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Green

    All laboratory coats from Mediunion come in various sizes like small, medium, large, extra-large, and more. We offer lab coats that are suitable for men and women. It is applicable in different medical fields. 

    Applications of Lab Coats

    • Hospitals
    • Health Centers
    • Cleanroom
    • Clinic
    • Surgical and other applications.

    As an expert lab coats manufacturer and exporter, we offer an exceptional product. Mediunion laboratory coats are beneficial and advantageous for most applications. 

    Features and Advantages of Lab Coat

    • High durability and versatility.
    • Waterproof, dustproof, and skin allergic-free.
    • Safe for sensitive skins.
    • Perfect fit and outlooks.
    • Professional design and attractive appearance.
    • Easy to wash, dry, wear and take off.
    • Comfortable for all day.

    Whether you need laboratory coats or any healthcare PPE, always count on Mediunion. All Mediunion products are certificated with FDA, ISO, SGS, CE, and other professional certifications.

    We are utilizing advanced equipment to produce an outstanding and superior product. Aside from laboratory coats, we also offer face masks, laboratory gowns, safety goggles, other personal protective equipment.

    Mediunion is your ultimate business partner who has the full capability to support and provide for your needs. We also offer customization, OEM, and ODM services to meet your particular needs. We are the top laboratory coat manufacturer here in China.

    As a professional exporter, we provide genuine and legit products to achieve your satisfaction. Mediunion products can back your money guarantee.

    If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately!

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