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Mediunion is your reputable manufacturer and supplier of laparotomy sponges in China. We have thousands of stocks of laparotomy sponges that are widely distributed to 120 worldwide countries. All of our products are qualified with a complete set of legitimate certifications. Email us right now!

  • 25+ years in manufacturing experience
  • Offers medical products with impressive features
  • Full-sets of laparotomy sponges with affordable pricing rate
  • Supports 24/7 services
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    Mediunion as Your #1 Laparotomy Sponges Manufacturer

    When it comes to your medical materials, Mediunion is the one you can trust. We characterize as a top-notcher company specializing in making the most delicate laparotomy sponges at the most reasonable price. 

    However, Mediunion is dedicated to fulfilling all your requests and satisfaction. We can offer you different patterns and materials of our product where you are free to choose. Allow our team to know all your brilliant ideas. Give us your detail, and we will give you the most precise solution.

    Our Laparotomy Sponges Product All Types of High-Quality Laparotomy Sponges with Full Set of Certifications.

    Medical Laparotomy Sponges

    It features non-toxic, chlorine-free, non-abrasive, and dust-free edges and surfaces. A safe and clean laparotomy sponges that recommended in any medical operation.

    Laparotomy Cottoned Sponges

    It is made from 100% pure cotton. The laparotomy cottoned sponges are adequately soft and practical for any first aid and surgical medication. 

    Disposable Laparotomy Sponges

    The disposable laparotomy sponges are widely used in nursing homes, hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical institutions. This is exclusively for single-use to ensure health safety.

    Laparotomy High-Absorbency Sponges

    This type of laparotomy sponges features high and fast absorbency that is necessary for immediate treatment. It is available in custom mesh sizes and layers. 

    Laparotomy Sponges with Cotton Loop

    This laparotomy sponges with cotton loop aids to prevent the wound from infections. It is sewn, has cross-stitches, and can be folded and unfolded. 

    Abdominal Laparotomy Gauze Sponges

    This is available in 19*9, 19*15, 25*18, 30*20, 28*24, and other custom mesh sizes—perfect medical care materials for abdominal operation, surgical dressing, and other medical treatment.

    Mediunion - Your Professional Laparotomy Sponges Supplier

    • Thoroughly tested and certified ISO, FDA, CE, TUV 
    • One-stop provider of laparotomy sponges for all medical institutions and healthcare business
    • Trusted partner for your start-up business
    • Committed to providing satisfying services to all worldwide customers
    • Trusted supplier of different medical products and components as your per request
    • Owns seven massive manufacturing facilities
    • Supply with fastest and safe delivery services

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

    Mediunion MEDICA-2022 for disposable medical suppliesMedica -trade show of medical protective disposableMedica Exhibition of Medical Consumables

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    Mediunion – Your Reliable Laparotomy Sponges Manufacturer in China

    Are your medical facilities need a sufficient supply of laparotomy sponges? Mediunion will take you to cover. We provide laparotomy sponges containing outstanding performance that will surely leave you a favored impression and satisfaction.

    Any category of laparotomy sponges is accessible only here at Mediunion. In addition, the laparotomy sponges from Mediunion have something that makes them explicitly different compared with the common laparotomy sponges. Here are some of the reasons:

    • Laparotomy sponges can be folded and unfolded
    • It is sewn and cross-stitches
    • Originally made from 100% cotton as well as the holding loop
    • Available with custom mesh sizes and colors
    • Available with or without loop
    • Pre-washed and non-washed is available

    Laparotomy sponges are one of the most significant kits used in different medical applications. However, Mediunion remains the no.1 supplier of all laparotomy sponges and related medical products. We are recognized as a logistic company where intentionally helps our customers with all their needed products.

    Laparotomy sponges from Mediunion hold extensive popularity in big-scale markets. It contributes to the medical field as it is used for first aid, infection prevention, blood control, wound dressing, and medical treatment support. 

    Our team is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying a wide range of laparotomy sponges with its valuable advantages, including:

    • Fast and high-absorbency
    • Smooth and soft
    • It gives a patient comfort
    • Intended for single-use to ensure the overall health safety and assurance
    • Can endure from light to heavy treatment
    • Durable and cost-effective

    If you desire to get thousands of laparotomy sponges at the fastest and straightforward process, Mediunion is always the top-notch choice! Our company has an efficient and stable manufacturing line that can cater to received and send out all your packed orders. 

    In a couple of decades in this industry, Mediunion never gets tired of providing the best for our customers. Aside from laparotomy sponges, we are also credible to supply you with related medical products, kits, and equipment for your business and the medical profession. 

    All of our laparotomy sponges are the safest to use. It passes all the testings and inspections. All of our laparotomy sponges products adhere to the requirements and standards of our customers.

    The fastest and safe transaction and delivery are what Mediunion guarantees. So what awaits you for? Contact us right now and avail of our latest discount promos! We are continuously operated 24/7.

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