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Mediunion is a world-leading disposable underpad manufacturer and supplier. We provide the best product at the best prices. Our company offers low MOQ to support your business. Choose Mediunion as your reliable supplier of disposable underpads in China.

  • Comfortable and safety
  • Excellent quality disposable underpad
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    Mediunion as Your Leading Disposable Underpad Manufacturer

    Several medical institutions rely on Mediunion for their disposable underpad requirements. Mediunion is a trusted supplier with 20+ years of production history and development. Our range of Mediunion disposable underpads is proven safe, waterproof, and high-quality.

    You can avail disposable underpads at a very cost-effective price. If you have specific requests don’t hesitate to send them to us! We have professional and experienced sales team willing to work with you thoroughly.

    Our Disposable Underpad Product All Types of High-Quality Disposable Underpad with Full Set of Certifications.

    17'' x 24'' Disposable Underpad

    Our range of 17” x 24” disposable underpaid offers a super absorbing system. This will give a peace of mind for adults or children.

    Adult Disposable Underpad

    Mediunion adult disposable underpad won’t ruin your sheets because it doesn’t have adhesive, chemicals, and dyes. It is comfortable, soft with extra strong construction.

    Comfortable Disposable Underpad

    Disposable underpads from Mediunion are 100% safe. It is filled with soft fluff for premium comfort. This will perform gentle care for anyone.

    Custom Disposable Underpad

    At Mediunion, we can custom disposable underpads based on your specifications. It is designed with a moisture-proof barrier, waterproof, and durable features.

    Disposable Underpad For Seniors

    Our underpads for seniors are disposable so you can simply throw them away once they are utilized. This will keep everything clean and sanitary.

    Kids Disposable Underpad

    Kids will feel safe and comfortable with our kids disposable underpaid. Our underpads keep dry and give overnight comfort for babies. It will not irritate babies’ skin it is ultra-soft, latex-free, and quick-dry.

    Mediunion – Your Specialist Disposable Underpad Supplier

    • Full sets of certifications such as SGS, FDA, CE, etc.
    • Advanced manufacturing line and testing equipment
    • Professional export service team
    • Strict quality control and inspection
    • Efficient production and on-time delivery
    • Support OEM/ODM services
    Disposable Underpad

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

    Mediunion MEDICA-2022 for disposable medical suppliesMedica -trade show of medical protective disposableMedica Exhibition of Medical Consumables

    Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket




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    Mediunion – Your Certified Disposable Underpad Manufacturer in China

    If you’re seeking the best disposable underpad supplier in China, Mediunion is the right choice! Since our establishment in 1997, we focused on providing an excellent product at the best price. With our rich expertise and mature technology, we guarantee 100% quality and reliable products. This product will surely boom your business.

    Our series of disposable underpads are perfect for kids, the elderly, or women. It is soft and features super highly absorbent. This will help to sleep comfortably. Disposable underpad from Mediunion contains no irritating chemicals, salts, or dyes.

    Mediunion disposable underpad is made from high-quality fabric. It is durable and can be used overnight for an extra-protection. Due to its great design, it can resist stretching and tearing even when wet.

    Mediunion Disposable Underpad Applications

    • potty training
    • child bedwetting
    • incontinence aid for adults
    • professional hospice care for the elderly
    • wheelchair protection
    • mattress sheet cover
    • used in the bassinet, cradle, crib
    • changing pad cover or changing pad liner
    • older dog protection or younger dog training

    Mediunion offers a wide range of disposable underpads. We have a production capacity of 50,000 disposable underpads every day. We can produce the right product and deliver it to you on time.

    For your specific disposable underpad requirements, Mediunion can assist you. You can choose the design, sizes, thicknesses, as well as the logo, packaging, and print for your custom disposable underpad. Our company supports ODM and OEM services.

    All our disposable underpad products are manufactured under strict quality control and inspection. These products are certified by FDA, SGS, CE, and many other health standard certifications.

    Thanks to our professional export team, we currently serve more than 100 countries. It includes the USA, Italy, Germany, France, EU, Asia, Africa, etc.

    Whether you are a distributor, custom company, medical institution, or newbie in this field, Mediunion will never let your down. We are expert in this industry and understands every client’s needs. We can be your go-to source manufacturer of disposable underpads in China.

    Besides disposable underpads, we also produce adult diapers, baby diapers, adult pull-up pants, dental products, respiratory care products, medical bandages, facemasks, and many more. In short, Mediunion is your one-stop-shop solution for any type of medical, PPE product needs.

    To know more about what we offer, get in touch immediately!

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