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In China, Mediunion is licensed vinyl gloves manufacturer. We can meet all of your vinyl glove needs with our comprehensive production equipment. FDA, SGS, and the Medical Equipment Registration Certificate have all given us their seals of approval. 

  • 20 years of experience as a vinyl gloves manufacturer
  • Quality control is quite strict.
  • Vinyl gloves are exported to countries all over the world.
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    Mediunion as Your Expert Vinyl Gloves Manufacturer

    We have the capacity to produce over 50,000 vinyl gloves every day. Mediunion also has a dedicated design team with extensive experience in the manufacture of vinyl gloves. We guarantee that our customers will receive high-quality personal protection equipment at reasonable pricing.

    We have about 600 competent personnel and over 6 sets of manufacturing machines. As a result, you can rest assured that Mediunion will satisfy your needs. Please contact us right away if you have any questions.

    Our Vinyl Gloves Product All Types of High-Quality Vinyl Gloves with Full Set of Certifications.

    Disposable Medical Blue Nitrile Vinyl Gloves

    Disposable medical blue nitrile vinyl gloves is powder-free, non-allergenic, and non-irritating, the best choice for sensitive hands.

    Cleaning Disposable Blue Nitrile Vinyl Gloves

    These gloves are multifunctional, perfect for everything from food handling and preparation, to janitorial and housekeeping applications.

    Vinyl Powder Free Examination PVC Gloves

    Durable vinyl gloves fit your hands greatly, just like your own skin, its elastic is far better than normal PVC, and won’t rip or tear easily.

    Cheap Vinyl Disposable Household Protection Gloves

    These gloves are good for puncture resistance. For increased traction on wet or dry surfaces, these gloves contain micro-textured fingers.

    Disposable Blue Nitrile Vinyl Synthetic Gloves

    Disposable blue nitrile vinyl synthetic gloves are applicable for dyeing, food processing, haircut,  examination, hotel, restaurant, beauty salon, etc.

    Transparent Glove Powder-Free Disposable Vinyl Gloves

    During medical operations and examinations, these gloves protects the user or the patient from the spread of infection or illness.

    Mediunion – Your Leading Vinyl Gloves Supplier

    • Certified by CE, SGS, ISO, and FDA.
    • Ensures low-cost shipping arrangement.
    • Services that are customized to your needs.
    • Exporting vinyl gloves all over the world.
    • Our vinyl gloves have been manufactured for almost 20 years.
    • Advanced and complete manufacturing equipment.
    Personal Protective Equipment

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

    Mediunion MEDICA-2022 for disposable medical suppliesMedica -trade show of medical protective disposableMedica Exhibition of Medical Consumables

    Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket




    Mediunion Office Disposable coverall Production Line 2 Disposable coverall Production Line 1Clean workshop Cleanroom Surgical gown Production Line

    Mediunion – Your Professional Vinyl Gloves Manufacturer in China

    Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, or distributor of vinyl gloves? Mediunion is the most excellent manufacturer to help your company grow! Mediunion offers a wide range of vinyl gloves for a variety of purposes.

    Our experts can create the perfect vinyl gloves to meet your needs. Vinyl gloves from Mediunion come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Vinyl gloves with cost-effective custom designs are available from us.

    Mediunion vinyl gloves come with all the necessary safety features, are water-resistant, and are quite pleasant to wear. We have a large selection of vinyl gloves to pick from.

    Mediunion Vinyl Gloves Advantages:

    • Waterproof and hand protection
    • Durable multifunctional
    • Tough and tensile
    • Powder-free
    • Non-allergenic
    • Non-irritating
    • Best choice for sensitive hands
    • Fit your hands greatly
    • Comfortable to use
    • Thickened and tear-resistant
    • Strong and odorless
    • Environmental protection
    • Protect hands for any uses

    Vinyl gloves are often employed in non-hazardous and low-infection areas because of their inexpensive cost and low level of protection. Vinyl gloves are versatile and may be used for a wide range of tasks.

    The main advantage of disposable vinyl gloves is their low cost of production. Vinyl gloves are constructed of PVC, which is a petroleum-based plastic.

    Vinyl Gloves are Frequently Used for the Following Tasks:

    • Light hospital procedures that are not polluted.
    • Industry of food.
    • Procedures for light grooming
    • Cleaning is an example of domestic use.
    • To deal with things that a person might be allergic to.

    Our vinyl gloves have proven to be effective at sealing, making them an excellent addition to your company’s inventory. Our main goal is to use our services to assist you in expanding your company.

    All of our products are expertly produced and customized to complete your applications. Mediunion is eager to assist you in growing your business to new heights.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time for additional information on vinyl gloves.

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