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Mediunion has over 20 years experience in manufacturing high-class dental probes in China. We are the leading and tested company providing complete selections. We can meet international customers’ demands and reach over 100 countries.

  • Verified materials and dental probe designs
  • High-quality that passed high standards
  • FDA, CE, and SGS approved dental probe
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    Mediunion Is The Best Partner For Your Dental Probe Needs

    Mediunion has been an international certified dental probe producer in China since 1997.  We can help you choose faster and easier that meet your business demands. We have a dental probe list below to help you get more useful ideas.

    As your professional partner, we have a remarkable ability to support your process from placing orders to deliveries. We assure a smooth process and quality services.

    Our Dental Probe Product All Types of High-Quality Dental Probe with Full Set of Certifications.

    Disposable Dental Probe

    Disposable dental probe is also made of plastic. This is a single-use dental probe that evaluates calculous coverage Available in various dimensions.

    Disposable Manual Dental Probe

    The manual dental probe is very useful for outdoor and indoor processes. It is available in stainless steel and metal with plastic handles offered at a lower cost.

    Disposable Oral Mirrors Dental Probe

    Dental probe is available with mirrors at a competitive cost. It is a disposable and sterile dental probe available in various handle colors and textures.

    Electric Dental Probe

    Electric dental probe is now the popular equipment to determine tooth surface. This is a wired or USB connection type available in various dimensions.

    Manual Dental Probe

    Cost effective manual dental probe is widely used by students for examination and also by professionals. It is guaranteed quality use for the long term.

    Plastic Disposable Dental Robe

    Disposable dental probe is commonly made of plastic. It has suitable dimensions and colors with a smooth texture. Available in any shapes

    Mediunion – Trusted Dental Probe Manufacturer

    • Full set of certification
    • Strict quality control
    • Language full assistance
    • 24/7 full support
    • Professional export service team
    Personal Protective Equipment

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    Mediunion – Your Dependable Dental Probe Manufacturer in China

    A dental probe is used to ascertain the degree of dental support by measuring the depth of the gingival sulcus and periodontal pockets in millimeters. The dental probe is frequently referred to as a “stethoscope and dipstick” of tooth support. It is frequently used all throughout the regular periodontal medical tests.

    Highly rated healthcare products are therefore essential for many applications. At Mediunion, we are pleased to be able to offer a great range of healthcare materials to meet a variety of needs, no matter if it is for a hospital, health center, or personal use. One of the products that we offer is a high-quality dental probe.

    Here in Mediunion, the layout of the dental probe is important because it directly affects the reliability of the probing measurement techniques. Mediunion dental probes are one of the most reliable and effective ways of finding, measuring, and assessing the condition of dental disease activity.

    All of our products have a high rating, which helps you to choose the appropriate dental probe that you need depending on its specification and use. We manufacture dental probes that allow dentists to recognize sites with an antiquity of periodontal disease or those at risk of periodontal breakdown.

    We work with leading manufacturers to provide you with the best possible healthcare products. Available in different configurations, sizes, and designs, whatever you need, we’ve got it! Our dental probes are used gently by dental professionals to monitor the condition of the bone and gingiva encompassing each tooth.

    Here in Mediunion, we are pleased to be able to offer you our excellent products that include a dental probe which is the most effective way to detect areas of swelling. The dental probe calculates the difference from the deepest extent of the pocket that surrounds your tooth to the surface of the tissue in millimeter increments.

    Mediunion is your ideal choice of a distributor who can get your goods fast. Our supplies are high-quality standards that passed CE, SGS, and FDA certifications. We have over 1,300 skilled workers that help fast and smooth process and quality services.

    As expert suppliers of products that concern our health, we only stock items that are of high quality and will perform to your expectations. You can be confident you’re getting the right products for your personal or commercial use when you shop with us.

    We own logistic companies that could get the shipping spaces directly from the shipping companies to guarantee the shipping space and competitive cost.

    Also, we have good partners of truck companies to supply fast and safe delivery and transportation service. So we can guarantee that if you order dental probes online, you can really get what you saw and you will not get disappointed. We can assure you that our products are high quality and long-lasting.

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