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Mediunion has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing disposable coveralls. We produce plenty of designs and sizes according to your ideal materials. We gain the excellent trust of our international customers.

  • Produce over 50,000 disposable coveralls
  • CE, SGS, and FDA approved and exceed high standards
  • full support for your business development
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    Mediunion Is Your Professional Partner For Your Disposable Coveralls Needs

    Mediunion is a certified disposable coverall manufacturer and supplier in China. You can trust our excellent services tested by our long time customers from different countries. We can assure you can get high-class disposable coveralls at your ideal customizations.

    You can send your drawings. We will provide more disposable coverall ideas to help you choose easier listed below. We can reach your location wherever around the world and satisfy your needs. Our professional team will assist you well.

    Our Disposable Coveralls Product All Types of High-Quality Disposable Coveralls with Full Set of Certifications.

    Anti-Static Disposable Coveralls

    Anti-static disposable coveralls are recommended for any medical process. SMS is applicable perfect protection for isolations with high-risk level of protection.

    Blue Disposable Coveralls

    You can also choose the blue color for disposable coveralls. It has transparent and solid colors which provide a different level of protection for any use.

    Chemical Resistant Disposable Coveralls

    Mediunion is manufacturing disposable coveralls with amazing chemical resistance. It is made of different materials and designs offered at affordable prices.

    Cleanroom Disposable Coveralls

    This is one of the common coveralls for isolation and other medical procedures. It is available in blue and white colors created with different designs.

    Collared Disposable Coverall

    Disposable coveralls have different materials and designs. Coveralls with collar is designed with hood and zipper available in different colors and sizes as well.

    hooded Disposable Coverall

    One of the popular designs is disposable coveralls with hoods. It has an adjustable tie to protect the face in operations. It has a high level of protection ideal for different uses.

    Mediunion – Expert Disposable Coveralls Manufacturer

    • Personal protective equipment manufacturer in China
    • Excellent services with more than 600 partners
    • 130 pieces annual output
    • Over 20 years providing effective solutions
    • Warehouse supply and goods consolidation
    Personal Protective Equipment

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

    Mediunion MEDICA-2022 for disposable medical suppliesMedica -trade show of medical protective disposableMedica Exhibition of Medical Consumables

    Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket




    Mediunion Office Disposable coverall Production Line 2 Disposable coverall Production Line 1Clean workshop Cleanroom Surgical gown Production Line

    Mediunion – Your Dependable Disposable Coveralls Manufacturer in China

    Mediunion disposable coveralls are loose-fitting garments.  It has different materials available in different sizes and colors for your selections. It has a great ability to cover the whole body. We ensure excellent protection for all medical workers.

    Mediunion disposable coveralls are typically designed with high polymeric materials constructed into a non-woven cloth. It enables heat and sweat to escape while keeping fluids and aerosols out.

    It is designed with a zipper, sticky style, and button style. It has a garter on every bottom for convenient wearing. It has a collar and hood featuring elastic and liquid-tight seals. We manufacture using our high-tech production equipment with the help of our professional team.

    Here in Mediunion, we provide regulations across the board about the types of disposable coveralls. It protects from liquid and gaseous chemicals, airborne dry particles, and other contaminants. We ensure to create the best coveralls to provide excellent protection to all users and hospital workers.

    Mediunion’s dependable disposable coveralls can be used to safeguard you from dirt as well as other pollutants by covering your full body as well as other garments. These dependable overalls can be one-piece and form-fitting. It frequently has long sleeves, full leggings, and a hood that covers the head.

    Here in Mediunion, the suit’s designs, such as the zipper, cuffs, and hood or necklines curve, are created water-resistant to avoid leakage. Stretchy or liquid-tight seals can be used at the cuffs, hood, and collar integrations.

    Mediunion guarantee that interface regions are well kept safe for MedTech’s product offerings. We assure fully certified disposable coveralls to meet your special needs. We can help your business purposes.

    The majority of disposable coveralls are made of non-woven synthetic material. Different polymers will be folded up together just to increase their strength, reduce conductivity, and potentially make it fire resistant as security intensity increases.

    Here in Mediunion, disposable coveralls are typically made out of recycled fibers such as:

    • Polypropylene (PP) sponpund nonwoven
    • Polypropylene (PE)
    • SMS Fabric
    • PP+PE
    • Microporous
    • Aside from textile materials, the disposable coverall framework can be laminated and coated in a variety of ways to provide a comfortable experience or protection.

    You can purchase Mediunion disposable coverall with general performance standards for ergonomic principles like the following:

    • Harmlessness
    • Size Designation
    • Aging
    • Compatibility
    • Marking Of Protective Clothing

    Mediunion also provides the information that the manufacturer must include with the protective clothing.

    Here in Mediunion, consumers can choose from a wide range of disposable coveralls with breathable cotton and convenient characteristics that are appropriate for usage. Our designs and materials are FDA approved. We proudly offer CE and SGS certified disposable coveralls.

    Whether you need them for business purposes like distribution, project support, or other purposes, expect excellent support from us. Mediunion has over 20 years in providing excellent services and helping a lot of businesses boost their business and brands.

    Don’t hesitate to contact Mediuinon directly for more information. We can provide complete information and warmly welcome you.

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