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Mediunion is a premier sterile dressing pack manufacturer in China for over 20 years. We offer low MOQ and customization to support your business. Aside from that, Mediunion also exports sterile dressing packs to customers around the world.

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    Mediunion as Your No.1 Sterile Dressing Pack Supplier

    Mediunion is a trusted sterile dressing pack manufacturer and supplier in China. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. Our dressing pack – sterile is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. You can also purchase our sterile dressing pack with customizable sets to meet your requirements. Our wide range of dressing packs – sterile options with surely satisfy your needs.

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    Our Dressing Pack – Sterile Product All Types of High-Quality Dressing Pack – Sterile with Full Set of Certifications.

    Sterile Wound Basic Dressing Pack

    Mediunion sterile wound basic dressing pack features convenient, handy, and ready to use. These are also cost-effective. It is for single use only.

    Surgical Sterile Basic Dressing Set

    This set includes patient drape, fold hand towels, waste bags, plastic forceps, cotton balls, gauze swabs, plastic dressing trays, and more.

    Sterile Disposable Surgical Dressing Pack

    Our sterile disposable surgical dressing packs are high-quality, CE-approved, and affordable. It comes with low MOQ and low prices.

    Sterile Disposable Surgical Dressing Pack (1)

    Mediunion basic dressing pack sterile has customized sizes, optimized materials, optimized content, and sterilized packaging to assure safety.

    Medical Sterile Dressing Pack

    These dressing packs are high-quality, CE and FDA-approved. These are also made from high-quality materials such as cotton and polyester.

    Surgical Wound Care Basic Sterile Dressing Pack

    This pack includes a waterproof drape, blue forceps, gauze balls, hand towels, and green forceps. It is widely used for cleaning and wound dressing.

    Mediunion – Trusted Dressing Pack – Sterile Manufacturer

    • FDA, CE, SGS, and more standard approved products
    • Dust-free and hygienic workshop
    • Complete and automated production facilities
    • Over 50,000 sterile dressing pack output per day
    • High-quality, safe, and affordable sterile dressing pack
    Personal Protective Equipment

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

    Mediunion MEDICA-2022 for disposable medical suppliesMedica -trade show of medical protective disposableMedica Exhibition of Medical Consumables

    Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR-Mask-Isolation Gowns- Coveralls Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket Mediunion MDR for Washglove and blanket




    Mediunion Office Disposable coverall Production Line 2 Disposable coverall Production Line 1Clean workshop Cleanroom Surgical gown Production Line

    Mediunion – China’s Leading Dressing Pack – Sterile Manufacturer and Supplier


    Mediunion is a professional sterile dressing pack manufacturer in China for over 20 years. Our rich experience allows us to provide and meet your requirements.

    We produce sterile dressing packs that are perfect for quick wound treatments. These are also great for hygienic dressing changes.

    All our dressing packs are sterilized to ensure safety. These packs are consists of the following components:

    • Bandaging materials
    • Forceps
    • Waterproof drapes
    • Gauze balls
    • Non-woven swabs
    • Cotton balls
    • Gloves; and more

    Aside from that, our sterile dressing pack features a plastic dish. It is used for holding and disposing of dressing materials.

    As a professional supplier, we can customize your dressing pack orders. You can send us your requirements today.

    If you are looking for the best dressing pack manufacturer, Mediunion is your best choice! We offer a wide range of dressing-pack sterile. Our products are widely used by world-class hospitals and medical institutions around the world.

    We offer dressing packs that are approved by CE, ISO, and more safety/hygienic standards. Additionally, Mediunion offers low MOQ, competitive prices, excellent services, and high-quality products. We can be your trusted dressing pack manufacturer and supplier from China.

    Aside from sterile dressing packs, we also manufacture hospital gloves, disposable coveralls, Patient gowns, disposable aprons, disposable isolation gowns, N95 masks, surgical tape, and more healthcare products.

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