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Mediunion is committed to manufacturing different medical-grade products, including the tracheostomy mask. With decades of experience, Mediunion achieves the best name in this industry. We are confident to offer our products in different countries globally.

  • Safe and dust-free manufacturing environment
  • Rich manufacturing experience
  • Offers a wide selection of tracheostomy mask
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    Mediunion as Your No.1 Tracheostomy Mask Manufacturer

    If you need a tracheostomy mask, Mediunion is the best place to come. We offer different a broad range of healthcare supplies and other personal protective equipment. In addition, Mediunion is happy to welcome customers locally and abroad.

    We can be your reliable and trusted manufacturer of tracheostomy masks and other medical products. Our products are offered at very competitive and reasonable rates. Choose Mediunion to get an outstanding and strong tracheostomy mask.

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    Our Tracheostomy Mask Product All Types of High-Quality Tracheostomy Mask with Full Set of Certifications.

    Disposable Tracheostomy Mask

    A disposable tracheostomy mask is available in both pediatric and adult sizes. This type of product is suitable for laryngectomy aerosol and tracheostomy therapies.

    Tracheostomy Oxygen Mask

    The tracheostomy oxygen mask is characterized as a soft and clear type of oxygen mask. This is highly comfortable and safe to use. It enables oxygen gas to pass and be inhaled by patients.

    Flexible Tracheostomy Mask

    A flexible tracheostomy mask is created using non-toxic elements. It has a customized length and provides better cord elasticity. This type of mask is very malleable.

    Tracheostomy Respiratory Mask

    The tracheostomy respiratory mask is very light and designed for extra comfort. This product has a soft texture and is utilized by many tracheostomy patients.

    Tracheostomy Aerosol mask

    The tracheostomy aerosol mask is transparent and comfortable for patients. This is a product featuring soft straps for anti-mask separation. It is created with a tube connector.

    Tracheostomy Mask with 360 Rotation Connector

    The tracheostomy mask with a 360 rotation connector is very conventional. Features a rotatable connector that is suitable for patients placed in any position.

    Mediunion – Your Leading Tracheostomy Mask Supplier

    • Offers cost-effective yet high-quality products
    • High and medical-grade materials
    • Professional and excellent export team
    • Deliver medical and healthcare products nationwide
    • Achieve full set of certifications
    • Best customization services
    Personal Protective Equipment

    High-Efficiency Production and Fast Delivery!

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    Mediunion – Your Expert Tracheostomy Mask Manufacturer in China

    Mediunion is engaged in producing and manufacturing tracheostomy masks. We can extremely manufacture practical and useful tracheostomy masks. As a certified manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive range of medical products, especially the tracheostomy mask.

    Mediunion tracheostomy masks are made from medical-grade materials and safe components. We are utilizing complete and advanced manufacturing equipment, allowing us to produce a high-end product. In addition, we use testing equipment to ensure each product’s quality.

    The tracheostomy mask is available in different designs and styles. Our medical products like tracheostomy masks are safe for adults and kids. Moreover, this device is typically used for patients who need oxygen. It is great and comfortable for the patient’s feelings.

    Advantages of Tracheostomy Masks

    • Easy to use and remove. It can be removed without annoying the patients.
    • Flexible, elastic, and versatile design.
    • Suitable for children and adult patients.
    • It is breathable and easy to use.
    • Constructed from comfortable and medical-grade materials.

    Different Colors of Tracheostomy Mask

    • Transparent
    • Clear
    • Light Blue

    Mediunion offers tracheostomy masks that are certified with ISO, SGS, and CE certifications. We always make sure every manufacturing procedure is correct to keep producing a safe and reliable product. Mediunion group is still developing the research and manufacturing ability to achieve customer satisfaction.

    In China, Mediunion is the no.1 medical supplies manufacturer due to our excellence and experience. Together with our team, we are happy to accommodate your orders and inquiries. All Mediunion products have competitive and reasonable rates, which are best for your budget.

    If you desire stable and superior tracheostomy masks, then trust Mediunion. We will give our best to meet your standards and requirements. We are able to follow your designs make them suitable for your applications.

    Whether you need our services and products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional and friendly staff will answer your question and entertain your inquiries. 

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